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BrCu Mai Series

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20CV Series

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VG10 Stainless Raindrop Damascus Series

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Stay Sharper Longer

All our knives are sharpened on 10" Whetstone wheels for a slightly concave edge which is not only razor sharp but allows for easy honing and sharpening long term.

Magnetic knife racks

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  • Magnetic Knife Racks

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Magnetic Knife Racks

Jason Story - Ikigai Knives Creator

Offering the highest quality chef knives with beautiful handle options. Unmatched sharpness and functionality meets stunning blade design.

Jason has been designing and crafting knives for over 10 years. Our knives are produced in small batches and the handles are custom fabricated for every knife!

We also hand craft numerous storage options from Saya's, to magnetic knife racks and blocks to suspend your knives in the air!

We can customize any resin to any color on any piece you see for sale! Email us directly at sales@ikigaiknives.com for any custom inquiries

What Is Ikigai?

Ikigai is the Japanese word meaning "A Reason for being, Finding your passion, a sense of purpose, and also a feeling of well-being.

What drives you and ignites your passion?

Let our Ikigai add fuel to your fire!

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