About Us

Selling the highest quality chef knives with beautiful handle options. Unmatched sharpness and functionality meets stunning custom blade design.

Ikigai is the Japanese word meaning "A Reason for being, Finding your passion, a sense of purpose, and also a feeling of well-being. Finding your Ikigai is combining what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at, and what you can be paid for. Where they overlap in the center of the logo you have our Ikigai which is the Japanese Kanji for "blade" which for us is beautiful amazing sharp ergonomic knives.

Jason has always had a passion for knives.  After getting his first swiss army knife as a child his addiction began.  It grew into a hunger to find the best knives with unique handles that he loved.  This proved to be difficult to find without paying 1000's of dollars per knife so he decided to combine his years of supply chain management and his skill and knowledge in manufacturing techniques and methods to bring his Ikigai for knives to life! 

We source the best blade materials from Japan and the USA to create our amazing kitchen knives.  Our blade shapes are waterjet cut from professionally hardened billets and rough ground by CNC then final grinding is done in our shop.