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CPM 20CV Custom Chef knives

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Premium USA made 20CV super steel is waterjet cut then heat treated by Peters in PA.  This produces perfectly flat and well tempered blades.  We then carefully grind our bevels soaking after every pass to ensure the blades are kept cold!  These are spectacular pieces that any chef would appreciate

Knife Style: Kiritsuke Hybrid 
Blade Length: 8"
Blade core Material: CPM 20CV 
Blade Finish: Rock Tumbled or Acid etch
Bevel: Double Full Flat Grind 
Spine thickness: 2.2mm
HRC: 61-62 

Lifetime Sharpness Guarantee - Due to the extreme edge retention of 20CV Ikigai is happy to offer re-sharpen your knives for free for the life of the knife.

Amazing 20CV steel is produced and imported from the USA, Professionally heat treated and ground thin with a full flat taper in our shop in Canada these chef knives are lightweight and slice with ease.

CPM 20CV is a modern powder super steel created by Crucible to be excellent at resisting wear and corrosion. It's balanced with good toughness as 20CV combines vanadium for edge retention with a high percentage of chromium. It's comparable to Bohler's M390 stainless steel or Carpenter's CTS-204P.  These super steels share their composition and are regarded as some of the best knife steels available, however due to the raw material cost they are often only seen in smaller pocket knives

This premium "super steel" is  made up of 1.9% carbon, 20% chromium, 4% vanadium, 1% molybdenum and 0.6% tungsten.

Toughness. The combination of carbides in CPM 20CV makes the blade tough, but not as resistant to breakage or chipping as other premium steels.  Although this steel is tough, this blade is not designed to chop at bones.

Edge Retention. Critical to the kitchen, CPM 20CV is one of the best steels for retaining an edge. The CATRA test, which compared 20CV to 440C, rates CPM 20CV 180% better than 440C in sharpness and edge life of a blade. The higher percentage of vanadium in this steel creates a fine grain structure to better hold an edge. Adding molybdenum increases the strength needed to hold the edge over time, and the added tungsten also helps keep the edge.

Your knife will have its final edge applied using a CBN wheel at low speeds.  It should only need to be honed on a rod or touched up on a high grit stone.

Stainless/Corrosion Resistance. The high percentage of chromium with a bit of molybdenum makes 20CV one of the best high-end, corrosion-resistent steels used in knife blades today. Higher chromium amounts allows some of the metal to form a protective, passive film of chromium oxide that repels rust and prevents staining.

Handle Options

**Gemstone composite Info**
The Gemstone handles are made of 80% real stone dust mixed with acrylic resins to form a corian like material which is very hard and waterproof that simulates the natural stone.

**Resin and Stabilized burl**
Stabilized Burl is combined with our resin to create these one of a kind knives, no two batches of resin are exactly the same!

** Resin cast Stabilized Pine cone handles**
These stabilized pine cone handles are cast under pressure to force the resin into all the nooks and crannies of the pine cone which is then shaped and polished by hand.

** Stabilized Wood**
Our highest end old growth burls are selected and then stabilized.  The process of wood stabilization forces liquid resins into the wood under high pressure. The resins completely impregnate the wood, and then cure, so the wood now resists shrinking and swelling with the weather as well as taking on water.

Customer Reviews

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Stabilized Big leaf Maple burl CPM20cv

With a high-end blade and the beautifully crafted handle, this is the kind of tool you will use the rest of your life. A pleasure to do business with.

Purple Resin and burl CPM20cv

Amazing steel, super light and ground nice and thin, slices through produce better than any knife I've used before

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